Friday, 20 February 2015

VA - Hard As Hell Four

Only bought this for two tracks:

B3 - First Frontal Assault - Hits From Small Arms Fire


B5 - Militant Posture - Dawn Of Terror

Both of which at the time of release were only available on this record. Track B2 is pretty fresh too; MC Duke drops the 'MC' prefix and brings it good style with a decent remix that I think is superior to the original found on his debut LP.
The FFA track is the one for me though, straight up needs a re-release on 12" if you ask me. Firin'..

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

D Marcus C - Freedom

Here's a decent self released 12" which seems to go under the radar a heck of a lot. Once upon a year it would be fetching a few bob, nowadays it's a really easy find for the price of a bag o' chips. Always loved that 'Funk For The Folks' break too, killer.