Thursday, 21 April 2016

Hardnoise - Untitled

The snooker's on just now and I like it a bit more these days tha I used to. Maybe it's my age. I didn't manage to get a ticket this year but I did go to five of the qualifying sessions and apart from the unfathomably uncomfortable seating I enjoyed it a lot. Even the missus had a good time. I think. Sat in the cafe opposite Alan McManus and Anthony McGill, had a pee standing next to James Wattana. Glory days. Anyway as I'm the only snooker fan here right now I'll stop but I upped this to let you know if I was a pro snooker player this is the music I'd be walking down the steps at the Crucible to.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Caveman - Victory E.P.

I think 'Swift Sucker' might be the best thing Caveman ever did. For me, The Principle was a musical genius and the driving force behind High Wycombe's oddly named neanderthal trio.He went on to produce a few other random tracks and couple of remixes too and then disappeared off the planet for whatever reason which is a shame. MCM put out a compilation a few years back of unreleased and 'lost' tracks but I didn't find it that interesting and apart from a thumping version of 'Fry You Like Fish' it's not that desirable, for me at least. The few records they released were all very good records and an antidote to the shite all but two of my mates were getting in to. 'Swift Sucker'; that one's for them.