Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Suggestion Of The Week - Def Defiance - Hazardous

Treated myself to one of these recently and I think you'd be foolish to miss out on one yourself. Mine arrived Monday and what a great package it is too. A really well put together remastered- by Rola himself - double vinyl with bonus white label 12" single containing four more bangers that were rejected by the record company back in the early nineties. There's a concise history on the rear of the outer, outer sleeve which tells you how they met, etc. and the album itself is pressed up on shiny white vinyl. It was a no brainer for me but it is pricey at £44.99 for the lot but you can just go for the original double LP for a mere £29.99 from these guys right here.
If you're not based in dear old Blighty you can email the label direct here and there's a good seller on discogs here who's reliable and quick.
Britcore Rawmance comes with the seemingly impossible once again, their best package to date and hopefully there's more to come.
Vorsprung durch UK hip hop..