Monday, 25 August 2014

S.W.S. - Boys From The Bec

The South West Syndicate, (I think that's what it stood for) made 3 records, this being my second fave, 'Overture' being the one I would go for if I had to make a choice. The so called 'Golden Era' wasn't my favourite time in hip hop history but it was a time when the UK got itself together and released some excellent stuff, this being a prime example of the kind of stuff that grabbed my attention back then. I'll dig out the 'Overture' 12" at some point and you can compare the sounds and see how the crew evolved over the 2 year gap between releases. In my own personal opinion 'Feel No Pain' was inferior to both of the aforementioned so I sold that one years ago.

p.s. The UK sound will be represented on this blog from today onwards. Please continue to visit TTBOD for all things electro.