Friday, 29 January 2016

D To The K - Hard But Live / Ease Up Your Mind

Another heavy hitter from '89 and another white label for the collection. I used to prefer the white label promo look when I was a young 'un but I would have certainly preferred the commercial release with the picture sleeve in this case but it's the record I wanted and this was pretty cheap, single figure cheap as it happens. I've had it yonks now but there was a time you could expect to drop 'owt up to 30 sheets on this one. A firin' tune to kick start the weekend.

p.s. If you're in need of any re-ups please request in the top post and I'll gladly oblige. I don't want to have to use one of those chat box things, too much spam to moderate.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Gunshot - Crime Story

What more can be said of the UK crew that spawned the britcore genre, the name itself even. My fave Gunshot tune of all time. Proper UK pressure.

Friday, 22 January 2016

Suggestion Of The Week - Dookie Squad - Let The Beat Drop

Dookie Squad come correct with another solid UK banger along with some special guests to boot. You should definitely save your pennies and buy this one. They work hard and constantly release only quality stuff and deserve recognition.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Suggestion Of The Week - Hijack - Doing What We Wonna Do

I like this. No I really do. It's a new Hijack tune innit? Maybe I prefer this to K-sly's recent solo stuff, especially his last effort. I have to say it was the beat that sold this one to me and not necessarily the lyrics. Once upon a time Hijack ruled the roost and not just this side of the pond either. And the lyrics K-Sly spat on original classics such as 'Hold No Hostage' and 'E=MC2" were some of the best at the time and remain so. Still, for me this is a worthy addition to my Hijack collection. I think they might be a little rusty after all these years and I do have one question. How come we don't hear DJ Undercover on here flexing the wax? I'm not 100% convinced by this comeback track but I do look forward to some subsequent releases in the near future. Please.