Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The Force - The Mission / Cash Crew - Microphone Maniac

I think you'll find this an interesting 12". The a-side is occupied by the Force with the under rated 'The Mission' and the b -side sports the debut cut from the Cash Crew, 'Microphone Maniac' . I recently sold this as I don't consider it a keeper but it's typical of the kind of fare I craved back in the mid to late eighties. That's not my writing on the label by the way. I bought it yonks back now and was a bit peeved when I first saw it but what the hell, it's gone now. Still, the promo is mad hard to find just now and I don't think there's any for sale in the UK right now either so if you want one you'll have to get your euros out. I think I shared this on Bust The Facts ages ago and someone used my scan on the youtube upload so I've put up the other side if he/she wants to utilise that as well.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Dominant Force - Raptivity

One of the best UK hip hop 12"s of all time in my opinion which is sticking my neck out a bit but when you've heard 'criminals' on the flip you'll know why. Yeah the break is ancient nowadays but the rumbling bassline will blow you windows out the frames for sure. I think this was their debut 12", 'We're Ready' being the follow up which I did have until recently but it's not a patch on this one. Solid britcore niceness and a relatively easy find these days so get on it.