Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Suggestion Of The Week - Punishing Negative Minds - Life Sentence

Brand new 45 on another dope German label, Naked Ape Records sees Swindon's finest finally getting some deserved recognition via two tracks recorded in 1992. I must admit I'd never heard of them myself until last year's excellent 'Underground United Vol. 3' dropped and both these tracks don't disappoint if you're a fan of the original UK hardcore sound. It comes in a full colour picture sleeve too, a little pricey depending on your budget but a must have seeing as it's been dug up from the vaults and presented so nicely. Disorda is the man as you'd expect but a couple of German discogs sellers can sort you out if needs be. Firin'!

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Hearts Of Darkness - What You Waited For

This was their second and final single but another excellent addition to anyone's collection. I never bought one first time around but got one a few months back to complete the collection. I'm not a completist any more but both their singles are worth owning if you get the chance and they're easy pick ups these days, this one maybe more than their first. On the flip is 'Tried and Tested' which is more of the same style stuff and as far as I know all the labels were like this, the sticker on the sleeve had the track list details. I'm still spinning the LP from time to time so bag yourself one before they all go as a repress is very unlikely. Good stuff.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Silver Bullet Discount Flyer

Found my Silver Bullet discount flyer. Only three of us went to this one, think it was around 1991 and it wasn't that great. I don't think SB can be blamed though as the p.a. was dreadful and a heck of a lot of folk in there were expecting some kinda disco and not a hardcore emcee from London. I didn't go to the Definition Of Sound gig the following week though. Not really my thing. And I genuinely only just noticed that they were playing a week later. I'm sure the disco folk were more into it that Friday.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Suggestion Of The Week - Licensed To Kill - Knuckle Up

Britcore Rawmance come correct once again with a firin' 200 units only unreleased until now 45 on translucent yellow wax. The two bonus cuts on the flip were on the untitled 1991 white label 'DJ Life/Licensed To Kill' and I'm pretty sure I bought mine directly from Tufkut on discogs a few years ago. An essential UK banger if you ask me, Disorda's got some so be quick.