Thursday, 24 September 2015

Lady Tame - Loud Ladies

Here's an example of a rare record that's half decent but that's all that nowadays people want ridiculous amounts of money for. It pisses me off a little bit at how much some folk think their stuff is worth. I obviously still buy records and missed a lot when I was younger due to the record shops in the city where I live not getting everything in or maybe only one copy and I missed it or just not having enough money to buy everything on offer. I put what I would consider to be reasonable offers in on records on discogs quite a bit and nearly all of them are turned down. I put offers in on two pretty highly priced 12"s in March and they're still for sale now. Some of these sellers will be buried with their wax before they sell 'em at the over inflated prices they're asking. Just because a record is tough to find these days doesn't mean it's worth the earth and it also doesn't mean it's a dope jam either. There's one  of these on ebay right now. Have a listen and judge for yourselves if it's worth the asking price.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Hardrock Soul Movement - Double Def Fresh (Get Stupid Fresh Remix)

I was doing some ironing last Sunday and some old Fawlty Towers marathon was showing on Gold (UK cable TV channel) and the 'I'm afraid it's not fresh' sample that's cut up on this record came from that show and I'd completely forgot until I heard Mrs. Hamilton say it in the 'Waldorf Salad' episode. A top show and an even better UK electro record. One of my all time faves and the how they build up the intro is an absolute killer. A damned fine record; Double Def Fresh for sure.