Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Suggestion Of The Week - Hearts Of Darkness - A Journey Of A Thousand Miles

If you're a fan of the UK sound then this definitely will not disappoint. The best buy of the year so far for me. If you ignored all my other recommendations, well, that's fine really but as the saying goes, don't sleep. Really, don't. Buy this.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Hijack - Hold No Hostage

This was the first Hijack rekkid I ever bought and I remember just buying it without having a quick listen mainly because it was on Music Of Life and they were a fairly well known label so I went for it. It's great when you get home, spin a record you've not pre-listened to and, well, you know how it goes. I was fortunate enough to catch a live performance in Sheffield - The Leadmill - around 1991 I think when they were out and about with Ice T et al on the 'Rhyme Syndicate' tour. I went straight over to the concession stand first as my mates went to the bar, got the bullet hole t-shirt and stuffed it in my pocket. Can't remember the price tag but I wore it until it fell to bits.  Anyway, it was one of the best performances I ever saw. They had a stage show too not just the usual deejay and emcee routine, they really looked dangerous. Like terrorists. This could be not only the UK tune of '88 but maybe the tune of '88. The best they ever did by a mile and the djs were way ahead of their time too. Untouchable.