Sunday, 21 December 2014

The Brotherhood - Dungeon Town EP

I must confess to discovering the Brotherhood fairly late on in their career, 1996 to be exact when I saw the video to 'One Shot' on an MTV show that I can't remember the name of but it only appeared to be screening UK hip hop videos. I was instantly impressed and went and bought the album within a few days and I still have the double LP today. From then on I did what I usually did and went on a mission to track down everything else they'd released previously and looked out for new stuff as well. I missed this one back then as they pretty much did or at last appeared to do nothing for a couple of years and I forgot about them. I bought this white label promo on ebay many years back whilst looking for other UK 12"s that I might have missed - and there were a heck of a lot let me tell you - for a couple of quid and it was 'Bare Destruction' that I was most impressed with. Heavy beats + rumbling bass = :-).
I would say that this is maybe the most difficult Brotherhood 12" to get a hold of but certainly one worth tracking down if you're a fan. A highly underrated crew methinks.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Hard II Kill - Massacre EP

I got this some years back now from an online retailer that was feeling the pinch and had to wind up his business so I was extremely lucky by only having to pay £6 plus p & p. Unsure of the year of this one but I would say it's maybe early nineties and it's a killer. I put this one up before on Bust The Facts so some of you may have it already but I did a fresh 320kbps rip that'll knock your socks off.