Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Suggestion Of The Week - V.A. - The B-Line EP Vol. 4

Okay, so I'm a little late getting around to this one but it was worth the wait. Another fine selection of current UK talent on show, 'Crew Dominance' by Crease & Uncle Mic Nitro is my personal fave after a couple of spins. All the cuts are well worth a listen and for 10 tracks it's a snip at £12.00. Go here for yours or here if you want to save a penny.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Mink Featuring 2wice The Trouble - Hey! Hey! Can You Relate?

I remember there being great anticipation regarding the release of DJ Mink's first outing on wax. I didn't know him personally but I had friends of friends, etc. who did and word got around. When I saw it one Saturday in the rack in Warp records in Sheffield way back in 1989 I obviously snapped up a copy - this one - and wasn't disappointed. I think some folk think he was a Nottingham or Derby lad but he was, like me a Sheffielder, (it was the two emcees K.I.D. and Carruthers who hailed from Nottingham, about an hour down the M1, saw them perform this live at the 'old school reunion' jam). One of my mates went to Mink's house once and blagged two tapes full of electro era hip hop his older brother used to play at the Limit club on Saturday afternoons. I was hoping he'd mixed them but he hadn't. He released another record with emcee Blue Eyes which is decent and I'm reliably informed that he did the scratches on Ruthjoy's first single although he's uncredited on the sleeve. His older brother, Mongoose did some pirate radio work I think but more on the dance kinda thing which I'm not interested in and he did release a few records according to discogs which I wasn't aware of until just now. Anyway, this is the first promo release, the one on Warp records came afterwards. Fon records had a small records shop almost opposite Warp's shop before Warp opened. I bought a lot from there when I was a lad and was a little sad when it closed although I wasn't generally all that keen on the prick behind the counter in there.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Suggestion Of The Week - Juice MCs - All Guns Barred

I copped one of these a few weeks back on the excellent Britcore Rawmance label. I waited for ages for a UK seller but eventually caved and got mine from Germany but Disorda's got some in right now and I'd suggest you get in quick as it's another limited press of a dope UK golden era sounding banger. Dookie Squad make an appearnace on 'Spydaman' on the flip which is the superior track for me but once again BR hit the spot with a corkin' 45 on grey marbled vinyl. Essential!