Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Hardnoise - Serve Tea, Then Murder / Mice In The Presence Of The Lion

Was saddened to hear of the death of Gemini recently as he was a unique talent and legendary amongst UK hip hop fans across the board. I bought Hardnoise's records because of their name on the record sleeve and probably how they presented themselves. None of their singles had b-boy style photographs of the group and in that they maintained a kind of identity without revealing their identities if you get me - the sleeve this 12" comes in has a reversed polarity shot and you can't make out their faces. I was blown away by 'Untitled' and when this one popped up in the rack it was and easy sell. Back when record shops were just about on every corner in the city I was kind of excited to get back home and play new stuff I hadn't already listened to, if only a snippet, in the shop and it's on this first track Gemini shines brightest. Dark, and at times apocalyptic rhymes - 'year 2000, people dying, people crying'...'thousands upon thousands will burn'.. are spat furiously alongside hardcore b-boy braggadocio - 'you'll never smoke hardnoise'...'eyes will open as we lay the foundations of true hip hop music' - which is my favourite line - project an image, for me, of invincibility, that they can't be touched, that they're on top of their game.
3 minutes and 44 seconds later the barrage continues with arguably the best rhyme of '91 as TLP1 destroys the mic in true UK style which was a whole lot different and maybe even some kind of rebellion to the running-on-the-spot dancy type stuff that was coming out of the US at the time. The title says it all. What I'd like to know is, where is part 2?

Monday, 15 September 2014

EMF Rough Potential

More golden era UK pressure, not to be confused with the one hit wonder indie band sporting the same moniker that had some success in the UK charts in the early nineties. These two are MC Cardi and DJ 357 and that's all I know about this fairly obscure 12" from '89, purely because their names are on the label. Decent but for me not a keeper.