Monday, 20 October 2014

Blue Eyes - Soul Tip

It was about this time that the war against dance music was becoming more and more apparent as the hip hop racks were getting smaller and the house music racks getting bigger. In Warp records they were side by side and eventually it grew so much that it and more or less consumed the rap section and relegated it to below eye level as if to try and push it away completely. As if no-one liked it any more. This annoyed me greatly.
Anyway, local boy DJ Mink produced this record, 'The Law' on the flip being the stronger track for my money and I had to buy it online years later as I never saw any in my local store, probably because it didn't fit in any more and Sheffield was becoming 'Techno City' (I hate that record too. Surely it has no place on Electro 4 alongside Run-DMC, I mean come on!?). I tried to like house music but failed and I'm glad because who needs it when the UK was firing heavy artillery like this?