Thursday, 30 April 2015

Art Of Noise - Into Battle

This was on my wants list for years and I finally purchased a decent copy for a fair price a few months back. I bought the UK release of 'Beat Box' back in '83 but it wasn't the version Ice T was freestyling to in the first Breakdance movie which disappointed me greatly at the time and I thought they'd made a special version just for Chris 'The Glove'. Not so as this is the jam right here using the
Oberheim DMX to full effect. The rest of the EP is alright I guess but I'm not that partial to any of the other tracks on here, might have been in '83 as they do capture the electro vibe pretty well considering they're no b-boys or b-girls. In fact judging by some of the comments on the sleeve I'd suggest they were up their own arses somewhat. But that said, you can't front on the fact that it's a def beat they made and if I ever come good on the lotto I'll get me one of those DMX machines and drive the missus nuts.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Ambassadors Of Swing - Rap Game

This is a decent offering or at least 'Rap Game' is. The other two are fillers for me and not worth keeping which is why I sold it last week after 2 or 3 months of trying. I think the word 'swing' puts a lot of folk off. It would me. Hated that swing beat, baggy trouser wearing, running on the spot shite. Luckily DJ Marga and Hijack know the deal and produced a laid back jazzy head nodder. A perfect tune maybe but I have to downsize and this was a casualty of the 'cutbacks'.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Jehst X Strange U - Dolph Lundgren

So, record store day came and went and this is how it went for me.
Decided to walk into the city centre with the missus and whilst doing so came across 'Spinning Discs', a new shop it seems, only about  a half mile from where I live and he had 'record store day' written on the window so I took a peek but he only had two Pulp lps in for RSD - something to do with how many hours you're open for in the week - so I went on my way but I will go back now I know it's there.
Arrived at 'Record Junkee', went upstairs to find the small room full of people but I managed to check out the 2 dozen or so 7"s that were there but it had gone already.
Went further up town to 'LP Record Store' and he had a list on the wall of RSD stuff and this wasn't on there but I checked out the 7" section anyway as the hope was still there but of course it wasn't.
Was ready for off but the snooker is on so I called in at the winter gardens to see if I could get on TV and Hazel had just finished a 'piece to camera' or whatever they call it and went and sat back down opposite Parrott and Davis. I watched for about two minutes and was on my way home when I remembered 'Vinyl Demand' who weren't on the RSD participating shops list but I went anyway but that was a wasted trip too so I went for the bus feeling a little fed up.
When I got home I looked on Disorda's fine website to find he was selling it and at the official price too so I ordered it from him and it arrived today.
All this made me realise that I don't really like record shopping any more. It isn't half as good as it used to be when I went two, sometimes three times a week and pretty much always came away with something. It's probably something to do with my age but I definitely liked it better that way.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Mad Doctor X - Project X

Not had much to do with the UK scene just lately but this one popped into my head so I thought I'd share it with you in case it's new to you. The Brotherhood sound the mightiest for me on the A1 & B2 cut, the other two are the pretty standard forgettable fare but each to their own I guess. Record store day tomorrow, going for the Jehst X Strange U 7" picture disc, only 500 pressed up, Stange U being my fave new UK crew. Killer tune, you should get one. Hopefully I will too..