Thursday, 27 November 2014

S.W.S. - Overture

The crew's final and my personal favourite is an easy pick up these days, took me a while to find one some years back though. UK hip hop was on fire around this time and you could be forgiven today for letting some of the less known quality releases slipping your mind. Which is a cue to give thanks to Aroe for resurrecting some forgotten classics in compiling the 'Crown Jewels' series of mixtapes, 'Leaf In The Wind' which is on the flip side of this 12" being spun near the end of volume 2.  The title track will always remain a firm fave in my eyes though and if there's a chance that any unreleased stuff is knocking about maybe someone could do the right thing?

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Standing Ovation - Shadows Of Mayhem

The Kold Sweat label was possibly the biggest label for UK hip hop, period. I owned just about every release at one time and with that in mind I would single out this record to be my all time favourite.I did seek out the sample used on 'Shakaphobia' for some time but never managed to unearth it although I think it might come from the blaxploitaion flick, 'Blacula' but need confirmation. If anyone could assist I'd be most grateful.