Monday, 19 January 2015

High Authority - I'm The Man

As far as I'm aware this was the only hip hop cut released on this label and it's a belter and makes excellent use of the Spencer Davis Group's 'I'm A Man' albeit slowed down a little but that makes it sound better in my opinion. And that's all I can say. D to the E to the R, E, K doesn't appear to have furthered his career in the field of hip hop music so this is his lasting legacy but at least it's a dope one.


  1. i remember posting this back in the bust the facts blog ages back.
    at that time, i didn't really have anything that i considered "rare", or "hard to obtain", apart from this record.

    i put it up, as i did not recall the group ever being mentioned anywhere on any blogs or forums.

    i recall thinking "why, it's a great track?"

    has yours got a proper sleeve, as mine is a promo in a white inner sleeve?


  2. I may well have listened to your rip for a bit then Baz, top tunage right here. Mine came in an Optimism company sleeve, a generic one with the hole in the middle.

  3. yeah, i think it never had a proper photo sleeve etc.
    a shame that these guys never done anything else.
    funnily enough, i was just watching a usa/norway tv series called 'lilyhammer.
    it has one of the guys from the sopranos, who goes under witness protection in norway!!

    anyway, the original spencer davis track 'i'm the main' was playing.
    literally 5mins after i saw your post that happened :)

  4. Ha! Coincidence? I saw the first series on BBC 4 some yEars back now, not bad. The missus liked it more than me though.

  5. Ta for this, looking forward to trying it out. Will report back.