Saturday, 17 October 2015

VA - Hardcore One

The eighties has to be the decade that independent labels really flourished and just about anyone could get a record out, if only just the one. Here's a prime example of an independent release that is probably one of the best out there at the time. Groups like 'D 2 The K' and 'The Korperayshun' already had reasonably well received singles, relatively speaking but for the rest of them as far as I'm aware this was their only chance to shine. Some of them went on to release decent stuff under different guises - MC Dashy D had a dope single out on Kold Sweat as 'Drunken Master'  and DJ Quick continued in a production capacity -  but my personal fave is 'Into The Music' by MC Krazee A. I remember hearing it while I was out one night just hanging around in the streets as we often did and someone walking by with that track playing on his 'ghetto blaster' provoking me to seek out said track, which took a while, but I was obviously successful in the end. A really decent record this if you can find one and I would suggest it's worth a try.

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  1. Finally i got this!! So much thanks! Go Mell 'O'!!!!